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  • 1 Corkscrew (batteries not included)
  • 1 lid opener
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What's so special about ?

No need to ask someone else to do it, the cork will be removed automatically and effortlessly!

Uncork your wine bottles quickly and effortlessly!

Don't force yourself to open your bottles with this electric corkscrew ! 

Simply place it on top of your bottle, then press the button to easily remove the cork. Uncorking your bottles becomes child's play !

The must-have for all your festive events.

At family gatherings or aperitifs with friends, this electric corkscrew eliminates the need to use force, avoiding any risk of bottle breakage or shattering. With its elegant design, it also makes an excellent gift idea !

A question about our products ?

How to use the electric corkscrew ?

To use our electric corkscrew, simply place the corkscrew over the bottle of wine, hold it in place, then press the power button.

The corkscrew will automatically push into the cork, then reverse its rotation to remove the cork effortlessly. Then simply lift the corkscrew with the cork attached.

What type of batteries are needed for the electric corkscrew ?

Our electric corkscrew uses standard AA alkaline batteries. To operate, simply insert 4 AA batteries into the battery compartment. The batteries are not included with the corkscrew, so you'll need to buy them separately.

Does the electric corkscrew damage wine corks ?

No, our electric corkscrew is designed to safely remove wine corks without damaging them. It uses a gentle technology that gently penetrates the cork while minimizing the risk of breaking it. So you can enjoy your wine without worrying about cork residue in the bottle.

Can I use the electric corkscrew on natural and synthetic corks ?

Yes, our electric corkscrew is compatible with both natural and synthetic corks. It is designed to gently remove different types of cork without distinction. Whether you have a bottle of wine sealed with a traditional cork or a synthetic stopper, our electric corkscrew will enable you to remove them with ease.